Latin American Wedding Traditions

Each and every culture has its own wedding traditions and the Latin American marriage ceremony is no distinct. There are countless exclusive Latin American wedding traditions that are nonetheless followed to this day and are component of what tends to make the day unique for every Latina bride.


In Latin American tradition, the evening before the wedding, a procession requires spot from the groom’s residence to the bride’s family residence. Hand lanterns are carried and the groom’s loved ones take a present-filled chest as a present for the bride’s parents.


As in several other cultures, the Latin bride and groom are forbidden to see every other prior to the wedding ceremony. The bride’s father’s duty is to preserve the bride hidden away and then to give her away as component of the wedding service. It is the groom’s job to escort his mother down the aisle.

Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

As in a lot of other cultures, Latin American wedding traditions dictate that there must be a flower girl and a ring bearer and that they need to wear clothes that are copies of the bride and groom’s outfits.


13 gold coins representing Jesus and the apostles form an critical portion of the ceremony. They are presented by the groom to show that he can supply for his wife and are blessed by the presiding priest to be provided to the bride as component of the service.

Bridal Dress

Every single Latina bride knows how important her wedding dress is. In traditional Latin American weddings, she a mantilla veil and orange blossoms in her bouquet and hair are wore to symbolize happiness and fulfillment. Although Latin wedding dresses are now typically white, traditionally the bridal dress colour was black to show devotion for her husband till death.


Traditionally, both the bride and groom put on rings following their engagement on their correct hands. After the ceremony, they swap the rings to their left hand.

Binding With each other

In Latin American tradition, the lasso cord is utilised to bind the couple collectively in the course of the ceremony. This is either a rosary or white rope tied about the couple’s’ shoulders symbolizing their union.


As in numerous cultures, giving guests wedding favors is an essential portion of the ceremony. Capias, or modest gifts, are provided to guests for the duration of the getting line and took the kind of ribbons with the names of the bride and groom and the date of the marriage on them.

The White Bell

For the duration of some Latin American weddings, there is a white bell hung outdoors the church filled with rice and flour to symbolize prosperity. As the couple enters the church, the bell is broken by the mother to want the couple luck.


In classic Latin American culture, it is the godparents (or sponsors) who bear the price of the wedding and also play a big element in the ceremony. It was their duty to carry in the arras (gold coins) and the lasso cord into the ceremony.

Initial Dance

After the ceremony, the bride and groom dance their first dance even though the guests take to the floor in a heart shape surrounding them.

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