Bollywood Time – Best Films of 2001

Bollywood has been a sanctuary of brilliant Indian films. The motion pictures released every year are in thousands and are completed mainly on Friday. The Indian film industry is very big even bigger than the Hollywood. The audience that is catered is quite large and is in excess of 1.5 billion as the best markets are India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, UK and USA. Indians and Pakistanis about the globe get pleasure from watching Bollywood films.
If we come towards the ideal movies of 2011 in Bollywood then the movies like Delhi Belly and Murder two are the greatest. If we overview the movie Delhi Belly then certainly its one hell of a movie. The movie is an Amir Khan production and functions his nephew Imran Khan. The movie showcases the buzz of Delhi and the crime life of the city. 3 bachelors Imran and two of his pals live with each other in Delhi and are faced with a dilemma as they get hold of Diamonds that are worth millions. The film is very funny and has scenes that want parental guidance to watch but nonetheless the humor and the music of the film also go side by side with the movie.
An additional film which is termed as one of the best motion pictures of 2011 is Murder two. The movie attributes Emran Hashmi and the new hot and sexy Anglea Fernandez. Murder 2 comes from the production home of Butt household and is filmed in Goa. The movie is about and ex-police officer who turns towards the under globe to earn his livelihood. He performs his duties for the under world as a private detective. In this film Emran is faced with the case of a serial killer who only kills call girls. The killer only kills for the duration of the year finish holidays to fulfill his personal desires. The killer only kills for the enjoy of it as he wants to rid the globe with the waste of call girls. But he gets caught when he come against Emran in the film. The most intriguing point about the film is the music which complements the movie. The songs of Murder 2 just like its prior element have grow to be a national anthem and are very well-liked with the youth. The movie also shows how a particular person who has no belief in God begins believing in him right after specific turn of events.
Another film that is worth watching is Dum Maro Dum and shows the ugly truth of drug dealing racket in Goa, India. The film stars Abhishek Bachan who is a Cop and is set to rid the Goa from this illness. The film also shows how youngsters and struggling experts are used in the drug dealing not only in India but also abroad.

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