Dancing With The Stars…Call Me!

Tom Bergeron why have not you known as? I’ve been anxiously waiting for the telephone to ring inviting me to be one particular of the contestants on your show! While I’m not exactly a celebrity, I am positive I would score properly with your Tv audience because they could a lot more readily relate to me being a single of them. I can just see the couple down the street watching Harriet punching Bill with her elbow and saying, “Appear how graceful and poised he is! He’s a single of us! You could be performing that if you weren’t so lazy!”

I’m positive you can see where getting a man of the street on your show could spur the ballroom dancing craze that is sweeping the nation to even a larger level. In the finals I would sweep across the floor with my pro companion, Cheryl Burke, eliciting cries of “Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!” from the three judges. Breathing hard from the exertion of a perfect dance, I would look humbly at the camera and say, “I just wanted to lose a few pounds. That’s why I joined. I had no idea we would win the entire thing!” That is showing a lot of humility and will increase your ratings exponentially.

Back in my college days, I enrolled in a ballroom dancing class. Most of the class at that time was mostly comprised of girls. Guys back then were all eaten up with testosterone and feared getting known as sissies or worse. Youth nevertheless knows no fear so I joined the class. My sense of pride vanished when I found that the class had twice as many girls than guys! I am no fool.

The class was exciting and I learned a small about dancing the foxtrot, the rumba and the waltz. I located nonetheless, that this information did not apply a lot to dancing at the nearby bar on Saturday evening. There wasn’t a lot of call for the rumba at the Stardust Club, so over the years I sort of lost touch with ball space dancing till I watched Dancing with the Stars. The way they dance on Television and the way I learned had been absolutely two diverse sets of dances altogether. I had never ever observed something like what they had been performing on DWS and the girls in my old dancing class never wore costumes like the contestants on Tv!

Dance studios are popping up all over planet, due to the accomplishment of Dancing With The Stars! Millions of typical, down to earth folks whose previous thought of workout was to push the button on the Tv remote, are now hustling down to the nearest dance studio signing up for dancing lessons. Even though I 1st discovered to dance because there were girls in the class, there are other rewards to dancing.

Normally you will uncover a greater appreciation on music and its rhythms. Your posture will be a lot greater due to the fact you can not slouch in ballroom dancing. The physical positive aspects are many more stamina, your circulatory method will turn into much more developed and your legs will be strengthened. All this exercise will not only assist you lose weight, but will aid in the care of higher blood stress and diabetes. I wasn’t thinking of all this years ago in dance class but it should have worked simply because I’m nevertheless kicking up my heels.

Ballroom dancing has come a extended way in this country in the final 40 years. There is even a concerted effort to make ballroom dancing an Olympic event. The name has even been changed for Planet and Olympic competition to “Dancesport” but it really is nevertheless ballroom dancing to me.

Ballroom dancing has been competitive on the collegiate level for years, but I was surprised that MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technologies, annually holds a single of the biggest ballroom dancing competitions in the nation, with nationally and internationally know dancers competing. Who would have believed such a staid and venerable institution would know anything about dancing. Universities all over the nation have competing ballroom dance teams that are phenomenal. There are so numerous ballroom dance competitions that I wouldn’t be surprised if there are not degrees in ballroom dancing quickly!

I’ll be waiting by the phone for next year’s get in touch with. Please never wait also lengthy for age is creeping upon me and my joints are aching. Guess I will have to enroll in a dance class once again. In addition to I need to have to shed a couple of pounds.

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