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Hello guys, I would like to tell you a story about an Escort in Hull. Her name is Jannet, and at the moment she’s one of the most popular in the area. I’ve asked her several questions about her life and there it is what she said.

She started by introducing herself, telling some words about she as a women. She said that she’s also a human, a normal person who drinks coffee watching morning news on TV. Then he started telling me how does she started her AdultWork. It was a long time ago, when she was single and in a very awkward position with no money and a desire for excitement. She was almost 20 when she started, the age of 20 being one of the most important privilege. It’s easier to get the attention from majority of the clients. Many men wants a younger escort compared to the age of their wives. She went to an escort agency for an interview. During the interview she was so nervous, despite the fact that she is a strong women. And after just 10 minutes of interview she was offered a customer. She saw it like a new  venture. She told me how he was dressed that time and the most important thing is that it was the first time meeting a man in order to offer escort services.

escort in hull

There’s only one rule for any Escort in Hull. No talks about wives, girlfriends, family and no complains. That was her first lesson. and she got it quickly. The first man she met was an Asian one, she did not remember his name. She knocked at his dor, entered in and greeted the seeker of escort service. She tried to talk to him but she received no response! After few moments, he gave her the money which she put in her bag. In this short time, she decided that she can do this, being nothing to be scared of. She was encouraged by herself repeating silently that she’s a strong, beautiful and sexy women. After that, she pushed him on to the bed. She started kissing his neck softly, feeling him enjoying that. Then kissing around the soft part of his ear, so he can hear the intensity of her body. Then he grabbed her by her booty and started kissing the neck, leading down to her nipples. He stopped kissing her body, then asked her about an oral sex. She started kissing down his body heading to the middle of his erection. She was doing it softly at first by licking and kissing and then by sucking. And it happened, the fisrt orgasm. It seemed that he was ready for more. Then he said:

I want more, sit on me!

So Jannet did that, they were lovers for more than 5 times during that night. After all ended, he testified he had no oral sex until now, it was his first time. Our Escort in Hull was pleased she was able to offer his client something that he hasn’t had until now. We took a shower together, and then I left, my time was completed.

After this experience Jannet realised that sex in not such a bad thing. It’s not dirty, immoral or irresponsible, it’s natural, she said.

And that was the first time when an Escort in Hull met her first client. Maybe later, Jannet will be able to tell me any more stories about her life. I think it’s really interesting..

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