four Sorts Of Massage Therapy For Patients Of Depression

According to qualified overall health experts, massage therapy works far better than traditional drugs in the treatment of depression symptoms. Such alternative types of therapy help in alleviating anxiety and stress. Reflexology can be deemed as an option to regular psychoanalysis or counseling, and is often prescribed for sufferers suffering from depression. In this post, we are going to talk about the 4 kinds of massage therapy. Preserve reading to find out a lot more.


When it comes to this remedy, it combines standard methods of light rubbing and kneading of the physique using perfumed plant oils like bergamot, lavender and lemongrass. These aromatic oils stimulate components of your brain and the limbic system. This in turn has an effect on hormones, nervous system and on an individual’s emotions.

There are some aromatherapy oils that are beneficial (when rubbed on the physique) in improving mood swings and feelings of hopelessness. These oils contain lemongrass, sage, rosemary and bergamot. Once again, there are oils to soothe your nerves and these contain jasmine, chamomile and lavender.

Swedish Massage

This therapeutic technique provides you respite from muscle tautness and also soothes tired nerves. This massage also final results in the reduction of the feelings of anxiousness and stress. This technique is also characterized by gentle rubbing and kneading, hence promoting relaxation and respite from tension. According to a study conducted in the year 2004, it was observed that 1290 sufferers plagued with cancer were suffering from high to moderate levels of tension, depression and anxiousness. Nonetheless, after receiving this therapy, stress, anxiousness and depression levels in these patients reduced by 50%.

Thai Massage

This form of treatment is related to assisted yoga form and has healing properties. It employs a blend of conventional methods, stretching, yoga postures and acupressure to do away with the rigidness of the body muscle tissues, and letting loose blockages in the human body. It requires reflexology as effectively as rhythmic movements along your body components. The crucial positive aspects are tension-free of charge muscles, respite from arthritis discomfort, stress relief, emotional comfort and relaxation.

Hot Stone Therapy

According to this strategy, smooth, iron-wealthy and heated flat stones are used in combination with standard massage techniques. These strategies are absolutely nothing but circular movements and rubbing strategies. A specialist therapist will place these flat and heated stones on the affected parts of a patient’s body, such as painful parts on the back, on taut, rigid muscles and even the palm of the hand. These stones can also be placed along the human body’s power centers which is believed to rebalance your mind and body.

The heat emanating from the stones spreads on the affected components and relaxes and loosens the tired muscles. There are other benefits as effectively such as calming of the nervous system and enhanced circulation. All of these collective reactions support in assuaging the effects of depression.

So, if you are feeling stressed and depressed due to hectic perform schedules and long operating hours, you deserve some self-pampering. Only a certified and educated massage therapist will comprehend your therapeutic demands and recommend techniques to take care of your physical and mental wellness. You can get rid of tension, depression and fatigue by opting for the proper therapy.

Pieter Reynolds is familiar with well-identified massage therapy specialists in Anaheim. He himself has been benefitted by this therapeutic technique to improve his wellness situation. In this article, he has shared info about “four Kinds of Massage Therapy for Patients of Depression” right after collecting data from numerous sources and from skilled professionals supplying massage therapy services to individuals in Orange County.

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