How Much Should You Be concerned About Your Looks If You are A Guy

A lot of men either worry about their appears too much, or they don’t be concerned about their looks at all. Nicely, neither is good. You do not want to be like a lady who’s constantly checking the mirror, and you never want to be a guy who appears like a bum. Enhancing your looks will do no harm to you, it may only bring you good.

Let’s commence with the hair. If you are a guy that is going bald and you cannot do something about it, there is only 1 solution, shaving it all off. Look at Bruce Willis. He looks wonderful with his shaved head. Envision him having only hair on the side and being bald on top. It would truly look ridiculous and he would look considerably older. If you still have hair, try changing you hairstyle from time to time. Go to a hair stylist and ask them for an opinion. They must know which hair style will fit you best.

Do clothing truly make the man? Effectively, take into account this experiment. A guy that looks like a slob/bum is standing subsequent to a public phone. He is asking passers by for change in order to make a phone contact. Practically no one particular offers him change. It takes a extended time for him to get alter. In the subsequent scenario, they place a guy wearing a company suit and carrying a briefcase. He is standing close to the identical public telephone. The only difference is that he is wearing a suit and tie. Guess what happens? He asks individuals for alter to make a telephone contact (just like the prior guy) and people give him modify immediately. You be the judge.

The last thing issues your individual hygiene. You want to look good and really feel excellent. Your individual hygiene is the quantity one priority. It comes just before clothing and every little thing else.

Hey, who said that looks don’t matter?

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