Is Stone Massage a Modality?

Hi, my name is Emily Taylor and I am writing to you from the superb and fascinating world of massage therapy. I have been a stone massage therapist for over ten years and teaching it because 1998. The strategy of stone massage has changed a great deal for the massage and spa atmosphere since its conception in 1993.

Over the past several years, we have noticed a lot of classic massage methods incorporate stones from deep tissue to Reiki to Swedish and something in in between. So is stone massage basically just yet another modality?

I have observed several interpretations of rock therapy massage over the years, some excellent and some truly not so fantastic. With a nicely-educated and knowledgeable therapist, the difference in between great and not so excellent is really frequently tied to the description of the service your client thinks they will be getting.

The common population and some instances even massage therapists only consider of stone massage being stone placements and gentle massage strokes. The difficulty with this is that there are many physique workers, to their credit, that have brought their personal twist into the stone therapy massage planet. When you perform in a spa and have a client that has knowledgeable stone massage prior to and your menu has a equivalent description they think it will be somewhat the exact same and when that does not come about we have an unhappy patron that absolutely will not bring you repeat company or new word of mouth clients.

Consequently, I think the description of the therapy has to be a lot more distinct. In my opinion, stone massage is not a modality but rather an integral add-on to what ever you provide whether it is Deep Tissue, Swedish, Reiki or Thai. If we as the expert were to present it that way, I think our consumers would be much more apt to acquire what they have been expecting. And much better however, they would acquire a far better more than-all therapy session with you which would bring them coming back for much more.

As we preserve on reaching for the subsequent level as stone therapists, our first concern ought to often be security. The application with hot and cold stones and how the body will acquire the heat or cold will change with every single modality. There are several therapists and consumers that have been injured by stone massage which is not acceptable. One particular need to seek out suitable education simply because there are no short cuts when it comes down to safety. Finding proper education in stone therapy, either hot or cold, is significantly simpler these days. You can even attend on-line classes and receive CEs.

As our craft of stone massage goes by means of its changes, we need to make things a lot more concise that perform at the front desk have a standard expertise of the remedies and massage in common, we can greater serve their efforts by giving them simplified and pinpointed remedy descriptions. This hard operating and typically least appreciated group aids maintain our rooms full so let’s attempt to assistance them, which will, in turn assist all involved.

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