Manicure and pedicure at residence!!

Manicure and pedicure is a must for healthy and clean nails. They are a pleasure for your nails of hands and legs, but with the pace of time we fail to understand its value. Manicure and pedicure is not only restrained to women now, as guys too crave for clean and properly-shaped nails which are desired by most of the females. Never worry, you won’t need to have to spare hours and empty your pockets in these pricey salons and beauty locations for acquiring glimmering and healthier nails. The secret to enhance the beauty of your nails is hidden right inside your own dwelling.

It might not be achievable to get the greatest final results and perfect nails the very 1st time at residence. But, after couple of sessions at residence, you as well can turn into an professional in making your nails to envy for.

All you need is few minutes and some equipment. Now, by equipment, it does not refer to the hi-tech salon machines and processes. You basically require not many basic supplies to become your own beautician. So, hold prepared:

– A nail-paint remover
– A cuticle remover
– A pair of scissors
– A nail filer
– A bunch of cotton
– Your favourite nail-paint
– 3 toe separators
– Paper towels

Now, when all the stuff is prepared there is absolutely nothing to wait for. Get started with the nail-glowing art!!

Begin with removing your current nail colour

To start, take cotton ball and dip it in nail paint remover. Eliminate you nail polish by rubbing this cotton chunk on your nails till the paint is completely washed away. Excess of nail polish remover must be avoided to safeguard your nails and the cuticles

Removal of the cuticle

Cuticles are those soft skins at the finish of your nail acting as the meeting of the skin and the fingernail cartilage. You can remove them with the support of cuticle remover or you can even use your nails to push them down. It would show a greater and quicker effect, if you dip your fingers in plain warm water for 1-2 minutes as it tends to make your nails and the surrounding skin soft and effortless to clean.

Time to trim

Attempt and make it a habit to cut nails soon after a bath or soaking them in water for a few minutes as it tends to make the nails softer and easy to reduce. Use a filer to shape your nails and make them smoother.

Exfoliation and Moisturize

Let your hands and feet breathe in some fresh moisture by way of a thick moisturizing hand and foot creams for the respective components. A light and pleasing massage to your hands and feet completes the method of manicure and pedicure. Exfoliate the dead skin employing a pumice stone(commonly recognized as “jhaamak” in the industry) to get rid of the rough areas and cracked skin producing it uniformly smooth.

Time to brush on your nails with your nail paint

Following moisturizing your hands and feet, it really is time to buff up your nails with a decent nail color. It is crucial and advisable to apply the paint in layers with appropriate time permitted for drying the coat. If you are not into nail paint, then it is totally alright to steer clear of it. You can flaunt your original colour and get some eyes fall onto it.

By following these fundamental actions may possibly advantage you in obtaining healthier and shiny nails which you have always dreamt of with total ease and convenience. If any far more ideas, they are most welcomed.

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