New Trend in Womens Halloween Costumes Contact for Interest to Specifics

Girls employed to throw with each other a costume for a weekend costume celebration from what ever they identified at the local thrift shop or in their closet, but these days women’s Halloween costumes are going high finish. Today’s ladies are looking for fashionable, well-produced costumes with attention to detail.

Part of the trend is due to the rise in costume events for adults. Where costumes were once mostly reserved for youngsters, today’s adults frequently attend Halloween parties sponsored by charities, companies and neighborhood restaurants and bars. The competition to see who wears the most striking outfit can be fierce, and both ladies and men are investing heavily in outfitting themselves to impress.

Ladies in particular are seeking for outfits that step beyond the typical pre-packaged, synthetic French maid’s costume or generic extended gown of the previous. Today’s ladies want distinctive costumes with accessories that will set them apart from the crowd.

Retailers have seen a rise in interest in women’s Halloween costumes primarily based on historical figures such as Cleopatra, Marie Antoinette, Marylin Monroe and Geisha Girls in the final handful of years. Because these have been real folks, customers demand authenticity and realistic details, not “costumey” or unrealistic appear. Designers have taken this to heart and created costume lines for a selection of budgets that consist of headdresses, wigs, jewelry and accessories.

As Cleopatra you’ll have a sumptuous collar and twining bracelet, no doubt of a snake with jeweled eyes. Geisha costumes aren’t just printed nightgowns with a sash any longer. Nowadays they are rich brocade kimonos with obi sashes, rich headdresses, fans and beautiful black wigs for the exotic look of the Orient.

For more mythical figures, costume designers can take a bit a lot more latitude in the designs, but aren’t cutting any corners at all on the specifics! One appear at a deluxe Medusa costume and you are going to see that today’s Women’s Halloween Costumes are fit for the stage. Components like satins and chiffons will hold up to the most rigorous put on and tear, so ladies can wear them to a lot more than one particular event. A current Medusa costume we saw had an impressively detailed headdress of entwined, writhing snakes massed around an intricate gold grown set with a central faux ruby. The matching necklace of twisted snakes completed the outfit perfectly. The craftsmanship was equal to that of fine costume jewelry rather than a typical mass-created Halloween costume.

For women who want to highlight their beauty, costumes like Athena and Aphrodite will frame them beautifully in outfits that are far more correct gown than flimsy costume. Look for women’s Halloween costumes produced from luxurious fabrics like velveteen, crushed velvet, satin and chiffon for a realistic appear.

The favorites of past years, such as pirate wenches, 1950’s sock hop girls, and witches have not completely fallen by the wayside, but they are certainly new and enhanced! Today’s women’s witch costumes are not just a stretchy nylon dress and a pointed hat with some green face make-up. You can go Goth, attractive, classic or dress up your appear to be the prettiest witch on the block. Information like sequins, embroidery, pointed shoes with rhinestone buckles and spider necklaces take today’s witch costumes up a notch.

Shopping for women’s Halloween costumes this year is like purchasing for a great new dress for a particular occasion. You are investing in a truly great outfit and all the accessories to go with it. Have fun!

Andy West is a writer for Costume Super Center which provides a wide range of costumes including womens Halloween costumes .

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