three Methods To Flirt With Women

When you flirt with a lady, there are three principal ways to flirt.

You can say one thing flirty in a proactive manner.

You can wait for them to do one thing or say something that you have a pre-planned response for.

You can also do a two-step process. 1st, bait them into saying something that triggers 1 of your preselected banter lines. Then wait for their response. Then give them the line.

Now, let’s appear at some distinct approaches you can do these factors:

TAKING THE INITIATIVE: Call her a name jokingly. Appear at her funny. Be a small cocky. Active flirting is entertaining, but it is a tiny far more risky early on in an encounter. It puts your intentions “out there”, so you have to be fairly certain of the situation to engage in proactive flirting.

TRIGGER BANTER: Trigger banter is generally this: you wait for a scenario to take place. For instance, she could say or do something. then you deliver a flirty line that you’ve already prepared for situations like this. You can also just respond to her spontaneously. But it is easier to be prepared. Here’s an instance. Suppose she bends down to tie her shoe near you. You could say “Oh, you never have to bow down prior to me like that. There are other ways to show your appreciation [smile]”. The downside is that she doesn’t always say or do factors that match your pre-planned responses.

TWO-STEP FLIRTING: Suppose you have a line prepared for when a lady bends down to tie her shoe or choose some thing up off the floor. And suppose when she does that you strategy to say “Oh, I don’t demand people to bow down prior to me anymore”. But suppose she hasn’t bent down in front of you however. You can wait and hope you have a opportunity to say your flirty line. Or you can set things up. How would you set factors up so she bends down in front of you? Well you could secretly take one thing of hers off the table and place it on the floor, and when she notices and bends down to pick it up, then you could deliver your line.

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